Care of Collections

This will be a collection of experiences related to proper care and handling of museum objects in the interest of conservation and safety.

On February 8th, 2017, I had the chance to roll up my sleeves and re-house some textile objects! This seminar was an amazing experience, covering all the details of giving a textile object a better home. Condition report finished, I am here pictured gently cleaning this rather delicate object before wrapping it up and storing it. 
On this day, the Museum Management and Curatorship students took to the permanent exhibit at the Peterborough Museum and Archives. We cleaned each of the cases, the interactive furnishings, and exhibit furniture that houses the artifacts. 
Building effective, safe mounts for exhibit objects was an incredibly rewarding, exciting experience. This is an exercise of attention to detail and hand skills applied to sculpting ethafoam. Combining clean aesthetics with safe and effective ways to hold objects is a creative process. 
Mount making is also a team effort. It helps to have a second, third, and maybe fourth opinion to make sure everything has been thought of in terms of design, safety, and stability. 
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