The Hand+Moon piece was an endeavour to bring more meaningful content into my practice, and to develop my ability and confidence in representational subject matter. I found myself drawn into the details and stories that hands tell with their appearance, their motions, and the signs and signals people make with their hands. The addition of them moon was an intuitive artistic decision, based in my personal and spiritual interests. 
This representation of a what some may interpret as a woman was an experiment in expanding upon my representational subject matter. I drew from historical photographs to determine a pose, and have continued using circles to frame and accent the primary content of my work. 
This piece is a further expansion of my representational subject matter in textiles and embroidery. It is based on the Page of Swords from the Mucha Tarot deck, a deck that features Art Nouveau design interpretations of the classic tarot cards. This project is a stepping stone towards my plans to create and embroider my own designs for the Major Arcana. 
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